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How long does dual mass flywheel last?

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How to extend the life of the dual mass flywheel in a dieselDual mass flywheels are susceptible to high energy loads, heavy to work it hard, also burnouts with axle tramp, I think would top the list for life reduction in the DMF. but I have used vehicles for long durations while under severe torsional vibration and Going on 40,000 miles now (last clutch lasted 176k), and it's fine

Dual Mass Flywheels - Everything You've Ever Wanted toDec 12, 2019 — It's just how things are. You can count on having to change your flywheel at around 100,000 miles depending on your car's make and model. With that said, DMFs can fail much sooner than that if you're not carefulHow long will a dual mass fly wheel last? | Ask Honest JohnJan 27, 2014 — How long will a dual mass fly wheel last? I have a friend interested in buying my 1998 Ford Focus, which had its DMF replaced four years ago

How long does dual mass flywheel last?
  t k B D d S E D5
6000 - - 25.00 mm 100.0000 mm 35.000 mm - - -
6000 - - 57.20 mm 130.0000 mm 60.000 mm - - -
6203 1.8 mm 105.5 mm - - - 12 mm 12 mm 154 mm
6200 - - - - - - - -
6000 - - - - 252.115 mm - - -
6300 - - 146 - - - - -
6211-2z/Va201 - - 10 35 17 - - -
6203-2z/Va201 - - 57.2 - 45 - - -

Frequently Asked Questions | Honest JohnDo you have thoughts on the potential changes to the Road Tax system? | No thanks. Q. DUAL MASS FLYWHEELS: What are they and why are they so much 

Factory Dual-Mass Flywheel: does it last 2 cycles of clutchesJun 16, 2010 — Does the DMF last another cycle of the clutch lifespan (i.e. another 80-150K miles cycle)? Also, how long have you had the solid flywheel?How long does dual mass flywheel last? |May 8, 2020 — four to five years

How long does dual mass flywheel last?
NTN 6200 Bearing NTN 6304 Bearing Ucp208d1 Bearing
6200 (6304 UCP207D1/UCP207-20/UCP207-21/UCP207-22/UCP207-23/UCP208d1/UCP208-24/UCP208-25
6000 6303 UCP207D1/UCP207-20/UCP207-21/UCP207-22/UCP207-23/UCP208d1/UCP208-24/UCP208-25
6000 6001 UCP207D1/UCP207-20/UCP207-21/UCP207-22/UCP207-23/UCP208d1/UCP208-24/UCP208-25
6000 6301 Ucp208
6203 6304 Ucp205D1
6200 ABEC7 UCP208
6000 6305 Ucp215
6200 6304 -
6200 - -

Dual Mass Flywheels Explained Jan 17, 2019 — While dual mass flywheels do have some real disadvantages, the it is likely that the dual mass flywheel will not last as long as the flywheel in Typical lifetime of a stock dual-mass flywheel? - Pelican PartsJul 12, 2010 — that my DMF is falling apart. I was wondering if anyone has compiled any statistics on how long does a flywheel usually last until it eventually 

About how long should a flywheel last under normal wearAug 1, 2006 — 996 Forum - About how long should a flywheel last under normal wear? My understanding is that Dual Mass Flywheels "can not" be turned Symptoms and Signs of Dual Mass Flywheel FailureHere's how to tell if your dual mass flywheel is the culprit. These noises can be very loud and it should be replaced as a soon as possible. Once you've converted, your clutch will last longer, be less costly to service in the future, and will be 

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